Mica Paper Board

We are engage in the manufacturing of Mica Paper Board, which are available in a wide range of patterns and designs. Based on the increasing demand of our offered Mica Paper Board, we have taken a lead among the existing manufacturers of Mica Paper Board.

Scope :
Mica paper hard sheet consisting of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper, impregnated with high heat-resistance and silicon resin. Several layers of impregnated mica paper are consolidated under heat and high pressure to form rigid plates, in this process, the binder is completely cured.

Application :
Mica paper board is classified into two basic categories of Steel and Fiber press.
The rigid mica paper sheet maintains their self-supporting characteristics even after being heated. They are most appropriate for manufacturing heating elements for toasters, hairdryers, irons, curlers, strip and band heaters, most efficient for gasket and electric furnace.Moreover the product has diversified use in several other industries.

The product is further value added to suit buyer's requirement.

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