Mica Scrap

Mica recovered by means of hammer crushing, processing and screening of crude mica having an average area between 12 to 50 mm sq. (1/2 to 2 inch sq.) is defined as Mica Scrap. All Mica Scrap are substantially free from mineral and non-mineral impurities as well as other foreign inclusions. It is exported to plants all over the world and finds paramount use as a primary raw material in the manufacture of mica paper or re-constituted mica. Domestically, Mica Scrap is used as a basic material for the manufacture of Ground Mica Flakes and Powders. It is also widely used to make mica paper.


White mica scrap is generally found in Bihar region in mines like Bhana & Chatkari. White Mica is Best suited for the production of high quality Mica Paper & Board. This white mica scrap is not good for calcination as it cannot sustain its properties at a temperature of more than 500 degree Celsius. But its Shine & Colour makes it apt for the production of Paper & Board.
Most regions in India besides Bihar have deposits of only Untested Mica, like Bhilwara (Rajasthan), Gudur (Andra Pradesh) but their colour is generally Ruby or green

This is the untested Grade of Mica Scrap and is widely used in separate grades depending on colour, quality, luster, impurity level etc. This form of Scrap is further graded into A, B, C & D. The raw material obtained is being processed in almost the similar ways with different screening as per grades. The Natural Mica obtained from the Mines is being carefully sorted manually by our huge labour orientation.

Ruby scrap is generally of Bihar/Jharkhand origin. These are the best known ruby mica scrap all over the world because of its color, highest tensile strength among all forms of mica & best known for calcination due to its sustainability at high temperatures.

Black spotted Scrap is the speciality of Rajasthan. Although there is also the availability of Ruby & Green Scrap in some parts of Rajasthan.


We classify the different grades of Mica Flakes as per quality of Raw Material on the basis of colour, quality, temperature resistance, impurity level, character & Mines.We have a great access to avail & monitor our buyer?s requirement and shall provide the right quality at the right price consistently following the requisite of the Industry.

Packing & Delivery:

It depends on the customer. The various options available are: HDPE, JUTE or PAPER bags of 25/50 Kgs.

Delivery: Minimum one 20' TEU (Full container load of 21~27 MTs)

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