Mica Powder

Mica Powder is well recognized for use in the manufacture of welding electrodes as a flux coating on the metal wire. Mica is added to the flux with which welding electrodes are coated as arc stabilizers, weld pool protectors, fluxing agents, slag modifiers, binders, extrusion agents and pigments. Potassium also facilitates re-ignition of the welding rods after interruptions to the current. The Mica coating provides two distinct types of protection. Firstly, it serves in forming a fusible slag and a good seal at the fusion zone of the arc. Secondly, it resists the action of heat, gaseous and other surrounding atmospheric oxidation. In fact, it is the nature of mica coating that largely determines the quality of welding electrodes.

Mica Powder can also be used in many other sectors like ::

For Refractory Bricks

For Gypsum Plaster Boards

For Fire Extinguisher Formulations

For Wallboard Joint Cement Compounds

For Asphaltic Products

For Rubber and Tyres

For Foundries

For Plastics

For Brake Lining

For Paints

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